Custom Carved and Inscribed Flower Press

At a previous years Stone fest, I had the wonderful experience of being introduced to the craft of stone inscription by two amazing carvers.  Karen Sprague and Tracey Mahaffey.  These two artists and carvers do inspiring work, working with families to create and carve by hand custom tombstones and memorials amongst other things.  They got me started in v cut lettering, a method of inscribing letterd into stone with a hammer and chisel.  I found the work very meditative and enjoyable.  I have been seeking the time to carve more and hope to incorporate stone carving and inscription into more projects.  Recently I carved a custom letter press.  The carving was done with a single lettering chisel on slate.  The inside was lined with a cork to provide a firm, yet soft surface to press the flowers and clamps were added to give and additional tightness.

Getting started,

20140615_151739  20140616_160436

To me V cut lettering charm is in the shadows

20140618_205142   20140618_205046



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