Art and Commissions



The art of letter cutting is a both a meditation and means of weaving meaning into a stone.  Each letter is hand cut with a hammer and chisel forming a v shaped groove know as v-cut lettering.  This style of letter cutting relies on shadowing to give it both character and pronouncement.   What better way to mark a memory, event or value?  What better medium to weave meaning, intention and a custom element into your home, landscape or hearth?


MG Granger Stone Commission – This Sandstone tread is set as the top step in the front of a home in Tacoma, WA.  The stone itself is a piece of the homes history.  AR Stonemason was hired to rebuild and repair some of the sandstone walls the were originally built with the home in the 1930s.  The stone itself is from the historic Wilkeson Sandstone Quarry in Wilkeson, WA.  The quarry is now closed and stone is no longer available.  We were able to split this beautiful tread out of a much bigger tool using a sledge hammer and chisel.  We were then commissioned to hand carve this  quote and memento.  This stone now sits atop the entry stairs bringing meaning and a sense of home that will last the life of the house.



Custom Slate Flower Press – Carved on polished slate this custom flower press will be preserving the beauty of flowers for ages




Rustic ogham – OAK – Hand chiseled on unpolished slate


Vegvisir – Icelandic Helm on slate

20160220_181430 (3)

Mosiac Bench – Village Building Convergence


This is the finished project of a workshop I led at the Portland Village Building Convergence.  Participates were led in constructing a bench out of the broken concrete chunks of their former driveway.  The bench was constructed in a two day urbanite and masonry workshop.  The bench was then covered in stucco and the mosaic applied by homeowner and a tile artist.  Its nice that old concrete can be turned into something beautiful and useful.  I would love to construct more urbanite projects and let a clients creativity pour out in a mosaic form.


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