Masonry Heaters

Masonry Heaters are the greenest and most efficient way to burn cord wood. They extract and radiate around 75% of your wood’s heat capacity; a much higher efficiency then a wood stove.  Masonry Heaters efficiency will greatly reduce the amount of wood you burn each season, reduce your carbon footprint, and provided comfortable radiant heat to your home.  Their efficiency comes from their ability to burn a load of wood (anywhere from 20-50 lbs a load) at upwards of 1500 degrees.  This high temperature burn results in a more complete combustion, igniting the gasses in a secondary burn and leaving next to no waste or carbon to be released into the atmosphere.  The heated gasses of the fire travel through a series of channels and chambers where the heat is absorbed by the masonry mass.  It is stored in the stone and provides very pleasant radiant heat for 12 to 18 hours.  These beautiful center pieces will both transform and warm your home.  Masonry heaters also come with a degree of customizability and great features such as ovens, heated benches, and cooktops.  The outside layer or facing of your heater is can be built to your aesthetic desires; from any variety of stonework, brickwork, or stucco. Please call us to learn more and discuss options. (360) 824-2509
1450342_624953980901533_1783027120_n photo(7)20140528_165543

Soapstone heaters:  AR Stonemason working with Hot Rock Masonry


Burnsviille, North Carolina Heater. Masonry Heater Association collaboration
Stone Facing: AR Stonemason, Hot Rock Masonry and Sheridan Brick and Stonework
Heater Core: Sheridan Brick and Stonework and Stovemaster
Project lead by: Sheridan Brick and Stonework

grapeviewheater            blossomcure                  chelseyheater2

Left: Swedish 5-run heater with black oven

Center:  Top venting heater.  With Austrian eco-firebox and white oven.  Lime wash and stone trim

Right:   Russian double bell heater with a black over finished with a lime washed plaster

AR Stonemason working with Templefire

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